01 Stage Backdrop

Rsm decors has one of the best stage backdrop decors, they give the exclusive variety's in unique way while taking photoshoots for wedding ceremony's.

02 Manavarai

Manavari is the sign of our culture it's a kind of canopy model with decors and we have plenty of attractive manavari decors as your concern in budget friendly.

03 Entrance & Pachai Pandal

Entrance decor that can easily says about the main theme of function. Here pachai pandal used for more traditional& greeny decorations.

04 Passage Decoration

Rsm decors giving the most exclusive designs for every occasion in budget friendly,it's well for photoshoots & everyone feels more pleasant.

05Balloon Decoration

It's not a simple balloon decorations, Here we have variety's of decorations in balloon for college functions, birthday party, wedding etc.,

06 Car Decoration

Car decorations are most unique for wedding couples, we giving the plenty of designs in car decors, for wedding, gifting, simple car decors to lighten up the day.


We have different types of Garland decors that you feel more fresh and feel more greeny, here we have plenty of themes in Garland decoration in RSM decors.

08 Sofa

sofa decorations is most important in wedding, here we are doing budget friendly in sofa decors for endo western styles. We also have the rental for VIP chair& table.